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About Us

My name is Leo Diaz and I live in Florida. I have over 50 years combined experience in Photography, Video and graphics.

My goal is to serve God through serving those whom He has called to make disciples of all men. I am committed to keeping God and what He is accomplishing around the world as the central message of each media tool I develop.

All of my talents, gifts, resources, equipment, etc. belong to God and are available to be used according to His will to accomplish this goal. I will offer services to ministries as God so directs through prayer and examination.

I will strive to keep on top of technology and techniques so those who request services can be confident they are getting productions that will represent their work to the fullest extent. My goal is to ensure the production is exactly what they need to accomplish their goals.

In today's world, information is becoming increasingly visual. A few years ago, the extent of a presentation would have been a few lines of small, poorly-printed black ink text in a newspaper or simple slide show. Today, professional video for television and the web have become a must. IMPACT specializes in making high quality, creative videos for Christian Missionaries and those of like passion.

Our tools of choice have been purchased and are paid for in full. As with any Ministry there will be a need to update our resources at some time. Please pray that God will provide the necessary funds when needed.

Technical Production
I use Canon high resolution 3-CCD digital and CMOS camera equipment for the recording of the original video. This ensures that the video you receive will be of the highest quality.

These cameras record in digital video format. This produces the highest quality video and audio possible, it delivers an extremely sharp picture with quality level of a DVD disk. I do both Standard and High definition formats.

Computer Based Editing
I use state of the art computer equipment for all digital post production editing. When editing is done in digital format on the computer there is no loss of quality during the editing process. I use a Power Macintosh 8-Core Intel Xeon Computer, Final Cut Pro 7, Davinci Resolve Studio, Soundtract Pro, Live Type, DVD Studio Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Motion to produce all productions. This results in a clear video with high quality audio product. All still Photography is edited in Adobe Photoshop CS5

We do not use music that is not licensed! If there is a project that requires music that may not be licensed, a written, notarized permission must be submitted before it will be used. This will include the Author of the music, and the performer! All music used will be noted at the end of each project!

I look forward to serving God's chosen servants as He so directs me! This is a volunteer ministry. To be honest, I want to help those who have shown great zeal as they serve the Lord. They may not be well known, but they have shown to be faithful and are worthy of a media service to help them. This is why the Questionnaire is so important, I need to know Gods will. I serve Him and my time is short - It must count!


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