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Financial Information

What Do We Do?
IMPACT is a media volunteer service provider. We serve Christian Ministries with state-of-the-art media production.

What Do We Offer?
After receiving and evaluating your project request, we pray and seek the Lords will, we then analyze your media needs and challenges. If I feel I can meet your request and the Lord gives direction, you will be offered our media production service as a charitable gift to your ministry.

What Is Required of You?
Help defray our costs to some measure. IMPACT requests our partners to cover all travel if required, food and accommodation expenses for the production while on site. There will also be the need of pre-planning (planning a story board) this will involve communication between each of us before the production can start.

NOTE: If we use any music, it must be licensed and have a written notarized release. IMPACT has a large library of professional music that is offered at no cost. This music is preformed by professional musicians, in most cases with full orchestra accompaniment. All of this music is licensed and has releases. It is part of our gift to your Ministry. This keeps all concerned from copyright infringements. We do not use stolen music with any project!

We have a 3 page PDF that gives information on Public Domain laws, for both music, and photographs. IMPACT abides by these laws.

What Will You Receive?
IMPACT will furnish all equipment required for production and editing. When the project is finalized a DVD will be provided as a charitable gift to your ministry.

Fill out the Project Request to start the process! Use your e-mail to answer the questions. When finished forward the Project information to the Web Administrator. I will review the request, as stated above, and get back with you.

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