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Project Form Preface
(With Helpful Information)

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Our desire is to provide the best Product we can, based upon the information you give. I look at our resources and see if I can meet your ministry goals and objectives. In doing so, both ministries may glorify God and be good stewards of the gifts He has provided us.

If you are going to use digital pictures please review this PDF which gives the requirements and suggestions for any production we do!

Keep in mind that there are Copyright Laws that affect how you use music and photographs. Music and pictures will not be used on any project unless we have proper releases from the publisher and performer! Music and pictures that you own, and publish can be used. This 3 page PDF gives information on Public Domain laws, for both music, and photographs. IMPACT abides by these laws.

If you have any questions please contact Leo Diaz at 1-904-608-2572. I would be delighted to answer or explain any questions you may have. If I should not answer, leave a voice mail and I will return your call.

Please submit an e-mail with answers as accurate and as complete as possible. Use the link below for the questions. This will allow IMPACT to see the goals and objectives of your project. ALL information gathered will be confidential! It will not be shared with anyone.


Project Information Questions

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